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49th Annual Production Sale
February 19, 2024 • 1PM (CST)
Kist Livestock Auction • Mandan, ND

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Ben 701-400-0239

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Welcome to our 49th Annual Production sale to be held February 19,2024 at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND. We would like to start off by saying a warm THANK YOU to all our customers and friends that we have made over the past 49 years of selling Angus seedstock at public auction. Whie the reference sires in the sale catalogs have evolved over the years, our commitment to provide highly profitable seedstock to the commercial cattle producers in this region remains steadfast.

The TOKACH BULLS are structurally sound, not overfat bulls that will sire low to moderate birth weights, heavy weaning weights without the benefit of creep feeding or supplemental cow feeding, rapid feedlot gain, plus great carcass traits for those that sell on a grid and enjoy the adder Certified Angus Beef premiums.

The TOKACH FEMALE has been our foundation upon which our reputation has been built over the past 49 plus years. The TOKACH FEMALES are hardworking, low input females that have been bred and developed to run in big country with a minimum of care. Cows with bad dispositions, bad feet and udders or being open in the fall all earn a one-way trip to the sale barn.

We have an excellent set of bulls to offer in 2024. The Sitz Resilient sons were highly sought after a year ago and will be favorites again due to their muscle mass and outstanding phenotype. Growth Fund was the #1 bull for registrations in 2023 and it is easy to see why when you look at his sons and daughters. Commodore is back for the third year, and they are long bodied bulls with great dispositions. New this year are the Sterling Pacific sons. They are wide based, heavy muscled and a bit of an outcross for us. We do have smaller groups of Tehama Tahoe and Tehama Patriarch sons that excel on calving ease, moderate frames, and carcass quality. If you want a calving ease bull, a high growth bull, a carcass bull, or some combination of all three, we have it all in the offering.

As always, we have done our best to present an outstanding set of bred replacement heifers. They are big outlined, broody females that carry the trademark “TOKACH FEMALE” look. Our 2024 offering of bred replacement heifers were synchronized and A.I. bred to either Tehama Tahoe, a widely used calving and maternal bull form the Select Sires stud or Tehama Patriarch from the ABS Bull Stud known for his maternal abilities, calving ease and solid, sound structure.

All the registered cattle have been AngusGS tested to ensure pedigree integrity and provide the most accurate and up-to-date genetic predictions the industry has to offer.

Videos of the sale offering will be posted on DVAuction and our website just like they have in the past for our viewing and buying convenience. Richard & Ben would welcome phone calls on any of the sale offering. They see and feed the sale offering daily and know them better than anyone. They may be a bit biased knowing the genetics behind the sale offering but they will be honest in their opinions. We also would encourage you to stop out at the ranch at any time to see the bulls in person and the environment in which they were raised.

The sale cattle have been handled the same as in the past. The cattle have not been creep fed and are currently on home-grown feed with a protein and mineral supplement. The bulls were weaned in early October and the bred heifers sorted off on December 1st. Birth weights are taken with a scale, weaning weights taken at weaning and the yearling weights taken just in time for this catalog to go to press.

The cattle can be seen at Kist Livestock Auction in Mandan from February 17th until sale time. Prior to that time, they and the cowherd can be seen at the ranch at your convenience. Thank you to all our customers. The Tokachs’

Tokach Angus Ranch

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